Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much are the HOA assessments and what does it pay for?

    Assessments are $990 a year paid semi-annually ($495 each pay period) on March 1st and September 1st. Assessments are used to maintain and enhance the many amenities available to Wellington residents: clubhouse and fitness center, pools, playgrounds, courts, hiking trails, landscaping, etc.
  • Who should I contact if I have a question about my assessment statement or have a resale or re-fi question related to my account?

    Statement questions may be directed to Guardian Association Management at 972-458-2200 or by emailing:

    Mail payments to:                                                             Information needed for online or auto-pay:

    Wellington of Flower Mound                                            Management Company ID#: 6919

    c/o Guardian Association Management                         Association ID#: 490

    P.O. Box 93784                                                                    Association Name: Wellington of Flower Mound

    Las Vegas, NV 89193-3784                                              Management Company: Guardian Asso Mgmt

  • What HOA amenities are available to residents?

    The community has a clubhouse which contains a fitness center staffed by the Cooper Aerobics Center, two meeting rooms (multi-purpose and conference room) available for rental and locker rooms with showers. In addition, the community has two junior Olympic-size pools, a tot pool, pool cabanas, two playgrounds, five lighted tennis courts (with one tennis court being into 3 pickleball courts in Spring 2023), a basketball court, a putting green, a sand volleyball court, a 9-hole disc golf course, and acres of common area and walking trails.
  • What is available at the Fitness Center?

    The fitness center offers a wide range of cardio and machine resistance equipment as well as an assortment of free weights and free group exercise classes (the current month’s group exercise schedule may be found on the HOA website). The fitness center is open from 5:00 am until 11:00 pm including Sundays and holidays. Please remember after 11:00 pm the doors to the center will no longer permit entrance into the facility and the alarm system will auto-arm. Failure to exit the building by the 11:00 pm closing time may trigger a false alarm call to the police which will be billed back to the home responsible for the false alarm.
  • As a resident how do I get an access card and the gate code to the pools, pickleball and tennis courts?

    Please contact the fitness staff by completing an online request form for an orientation, calling 972-874-8329 or emailing so that staff can schedule an appointment and prepare your paperwork. Orientations are mandatory to receive an access card/fob for admittance into the clubhouse facility. Orientations take approximately 30 minutes. During this time, you will complete paperwork for your file and receive your access card, the gate code, information on the HOA, the fitness center and a brief tour of the facility. The gate code may also be found on the HOA website in the resident-only section.


    Homeowners that have purchased a home in the community are initially entitled to two (2) access cards (one per eligible* occupant). Additional cards for other eligible* home occupants are $25.00 each. If supply is available, re-cycled (used) cards/fobs may be purchased for a reduced cost. 

    If you lease a home in the Wellington community, the HOA requires the home's owner to submit a form to the HOA with your tenant information and assigning their rights to use the amenities to you, their tenant. Each eligible* tenant may then purchase an access card/fob for a fee of $25 (non-refundable) after attending an orientation.

    *Eligible home occupants must be at least 15 years of age and either be listed on the title of the home or use the Wellington home as their primary address. 

  • What if I have lost my access card?

    Please report the loss of your access card immediately to the fitness staff by completing an online request for a replacement card, calling 972-874-8329 or emailing New replacement cards may be purchased from the fitness staff for $25 with a check payable to Wellington of Flower Mound. Unfortunately failure to notify the HOA of a lost card may leave you responsible for access into the clubhouse by an unauthorized individual.
  • How do I reserve a meeting room at the clubhouse?

    The clubhouse contains 2 meeting rooms that are available for rental by residents only. The multi-purpose room has a maximum room occupancy of 100 people and comes with approximately 13 tables and 70 chairs. For smaller meetings and study groups, the conference room has a maximum room occupancy of 18 people and contains a conference table, 14 chairs, and a white board. To reserve one of these rooms, please check the HOA website for availability, policies and rental rates/fees.
  • How do I reserve a tennis or pickleball court?

    Residents may reserve a tennis or pickleball court once they have requested and been provided a login ID for their address (one ID per Wellington property address/household). In order to accommodate all the homes in the neighborhood, reservations are limited to 2 two-hour reservations per week per household. Tennis & pickleball court policies may be found on the HOA website.
  • How do I get information about the Sharks Swim Team?

    The Sharks Swim Team is an independent organization but all the members of the team reside in the Wellington HOA neighborhood. For information and questions regarding this organization you will need to visit their website.
  • What do I need to do if I plan to make an exterior repair or improvement?

    Exterior repairs or improvements may require the submission and approval of an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) application form prior to the project starting. Please visit the HOA website to review document restrictions, ACC guidelines and ACC bulletins that may be relevant to your project. After reviewing the website information, if you still have questions please contact the onsite HOA offices for additional information via email or phone 972-874-8483. Examples of projects (not limited to) that require an ACC modification form are replacing your roof, repairing/replacing/staining your fence, painting your house (even if you are painting it the same color), adding a pool, extending a patio, adding a patio cover or arbor, installing a storage unit, adding an addition to your home or installing new landscape beds/borders.
  • When is trash collection?

    For homes located south of Flower Mound Road or west of Bruton Orand/Simmons Road, trash and recyclables are collected every Wednesday. For homes located north of Flower Mound Road and east of Bruton Orand, trash and recyclables are collected every Friday. Bulk items are collected weekly; however, the items must be bundled/packaged correctly for the bulk items to be picked up. Trash containers or bulk items are not to be placed in public view prior to 8:00 am on the day before trash pickup or failed to be removed from public view by 8:00 am on the day following your trash collection day. For additional information on trash collection or bulk items or to report a missed pickup, please visit the Town of Flower Mound website or contact their customer service number at 972-539-SERV (7378).
  • What should I do if I get a deed restriction notice from the HOA?

    Deed restrictions are rules that govern the association and all of its members. If you resolve the issue(s) listed in the notice within the specified timeframe there is nothing more to be done. If you would like to discuss the issue(s) or if you believe the notice was issued in error you may contact the HOA staff via email or phone 972-874-8109. Please do not ignore the notice. Additional notices can result in charges or fines being accessed to your account as well as the issue(s) being referred to an attorney for resolution.
  • When does the association hold meetings?

    The association's Bylaws set the guidelines for when annual meetings are held. Each year the association publishes in the biannual newsletter and on the association website the dates and times for the annual, board and committee meetings.  
  • What can I do about my neighbor’s loose or barking dog?

    Pet and animal concerns should be addressed to the Town of Flower Mound Animal Services Department (972-874-6390) during normal business hours or the Town of Flower Mound Police Department’s non-emergency number (972-539-0525) after hours.
  • What can I do about loud late night noise?

    Noise concerns should be reported to the Town of Flower Mound Police Department’s non-emergency number (972-539-0525).
  • Who should I contact about a vehicle parked in the street?

    Conventional vehicles may legally park in the street but the vehicle must have current tags and be parked in accordance with state/town parking regulations. The Town of Flower Mound does not allow parking or storing of recreational vehicles, travel trailers, boats, boat trailers or stock trailers on residential public thoroughfares. If you would like to report an inoperable or non-conventional vehicle parked in the street, please contact the Town of Flower Mound Police Department at 972-539-0525.
  • What can I do about neighboring trees overhanging my yard?

    Whether the tree is from your neighbor’s yard or a common area, property owners in every state have the right to cut off branches that grow into their property. This rule is not written down or created by state statue or local ordinance, but is a common law right that has been created by prior court decisions. Please note that any property owner that does the trimming is responsible for the cost of the work as well as responsible for any damages that may result.
  • Who should I contact about a street light being out?

    If you live east of Bruton Orand Blvd or Simmons Road you should contact CoServ at 940-321-7800 to report a street light out. If you live west of Bruton Orand Blvd or Simmons Road you should contact TXU at 1-888-313-6862 to report a street light out. The electric company will ask for a street address near the light’s location. You may also contact the Town of Flower Mound customer service number 972-539-SERV(7378) to report a street light out.