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Basketball Sharp Shooting Contest

The 15th Annual Wellington Basketball Sharpshooting Contest was held on May 27, and we were lucky enough to have perfect weather for our event this year. In the senior division Ryan Pearson took first place for boys and Abigail Hori took top honors for the girls.  For the junior division the top scorers were Giana Delcioppo (girls’ division) and Daniel Hall (boys’ division). This year we also had a boys’ youth division, and Jack Stauty was the top scorer.  This year we awarded trophies to the top 4 scorers in these five brackets. The complete list of participants is below, along with many great pictures of the event.  Thanks to Greg Dykes for officiating and to Sean May for taking the awesome pictures!  We also thank all the Wellington residents who came to help with our event.  

Boys Senior Division Girls Senior Division
Ryan Pearson 1 Abigail Hori 1
Price Gateley 2 Rihana Amilcar 2
Sam Stagemeyer 3 Parker Haas 3
Noah Han 4 Jessica Fangon 4
Tyler Ballew Madison Ballew
Carter Ballew Leah McKiernan
Dillan Fangon
Azeem Pirbhai Girls Junior Division
Robert Rowland Giana Delcioppo 1
Alex Tirasinkul Peyton Haas 2
Boys Junior Division Boys Youth Division
Daniel Hall 1 Jack Stauty 1
Ishan Gunjur 2 Daniel Mangelson 2
Josh Mangelson 3 Lucas Sprosty 3
Vladimir Fedorchenko 4 Greyson Schreiner 4
David McKiernan
Justin Park
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  8. _MG_9962
  9. _MG_9691
  10. _MG_9977
  11. _MG_9778
  12. P1010572
  13. _MG_9917
  14. _MG_9804
  15. _MG_9865-2
  16. _MG_9667-2
  17. _MG_9838
  18. _MG_9653
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