Frequently Asked Questions

Selling or Re-financing Your Home?

If you are selling your home, your title company will need to request a resale package from HomeWise. For any questions regarding this process, please contact Guardian Association Management. Part of the resale process will include a visual inspection of your home (from the public street) to identify any readily visible items which may not be in compliance with the HOA's documents. 
Take a moment to review your home for trash cans and miscellaneous items stored in public view, yard maintenance issues, fence issues, painting needs, etc. 

Please note that effective January 1, 2022 homes sold in the community must be homeowner occupied for twenty-four (24) months before the home may be leased.

If you are refinancing your home, please contact Guardian Association Management for information on how to order refinancing paperwork. General assessment information may be found on the HOA website under FAQs