Rental Property

As the legal owner/representative of a rental property located in the Wellington HOA, you must provide the following information to the association. If any information (your contact information, a change in tenants, etc) on this form changes in the future, you must re-submit an updated form. The submission of this form supersedes all prior submissions. By submitting this form, you acknowledge that only one entity (legal owner or tenant) may use the amenities of the Wellington HOA. If you assign your rights to the tenant, then you may no longer use the amenities. However, if you retain the rights for yourself, your tenant is prohibited from using the amenities and you must notified them of this.

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Current Date: *
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Wellington Property Address *
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Property Owner or Manager Name(s): *
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Mailing Address: *
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City, State Zip: *
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Preferred Phone Number: *
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Email Address: *
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Lease Start Date *
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Lease End Date *
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Tenant Name(s): *
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Preferred Phone Number: *
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Email Address: *
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By signing, I the property owner or legal representative for the above Wellington Property Address agree that the information contained in this form is accurate and current
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