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June is Functional Fitness Month

Manager's Message

As we go through our day, we are frequently called upon to perform various physical tasks, such as carrying groceries, bending down to pick things up off the floor, putting on shoes and socks, reaching up to grab something off a top shelf, climbing stairs, etc.  In addition to the things that we need to do, we also want to be able to do fun things like play sports, go out dancing, maybe even ride a horse or climb a mountain!  Functional fitness means that you plan and do your workouts so that they prepare you for doing things that you need or want to do.  Functional movement training can really play a big role in boosting your overall well being and helping you to achieve your best life.

How to incorporate functional training:

Understanding how you move daily can help you create a functional training exercise plan.  Professional Fitness Trainer Aaron Feldman discusses the benefits of functional training and provides functional exercise examples to help get you started.   Read article.

Foot Fitness: ankle and foot mobility

Did you know ankle mobility directly affects your knee and hip joints also?  Learn why ankle mobility is one of the best ways you can prevent injury and which stretches and exercises are ideal for preventionRead article.

EXERCISE MOVE:  three exercises to improve functional fitness

Adding a functional training routine to your repertoire can help make daily activities much easier.  Cooper Fitness Center Professional Fitness Trainer James Silvester showcases three moves using body weight.  Watch video.