Help! My Card/Fob Doesn't Work!

Use this form if you have previously gotten an access card and now find that it doesn’t work anymore.  Once you have submitted the form we will research the cause and contact you.  Possible reasons it might not be working are:

    1) You moved to another house in Wellington. When a house in Wellington is sold we delete the account, so the cards stop working. We sometimes catch these but not always.
    2) You moved out of Wellington to another house nearby. Your account has been deleted and your card cannot be reactivated.
    3) You lost your card and then replaced it. The card you are trying to use is the one that you already reported as lost. You are only allowed to have one active card at a time, so if we activate the older, non-working card then the new one will be deactivated.
    4) You are renting a house in Wellington. Renters’ cards/fobs are set to deactivate after a year; if after a year you are still renting the house, let us know and we can re-activate the card/fob for another year.
    5) You are trying to use a card/fob that looks similar to your Wellington access card but is not the one that was given to you at your orientation.
    6) You are renting/leasing a house in Wellington and are trying to use the card/fob belonging to your landlord. We do not allow this; all renters/leasers must schedule and complete an orientation for themselves. There is a one-time fee of $25 for each person to complete an orientation and receive a card or fob. To schedule an orientation use the online form at /forms/orientation-request.aspx

My Card or Fob Doesn't Work

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Card Holder Name: *
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Property Address: *
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Phone Number: *
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Email Address: *
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Number on the back of card or fob:
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Completed form will be sent to:
This form will be stored and encrypted and can be retrieved
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