Replace Access Card Request

Before Submitting Your Request:

By the submission of this form you are requesting to either:

    1) replace an access card/fob that is missing or
    2) purchase a new access card/fob while currently completing a new resident orientation in the Fitness Center office

The cost to replace or purchase an access card/fob is $25 by check made payable to Wellington of Flower Mound. If you would like to pay by credit card via PayPal, there is a service fee of $1.50 for each card. 

After Submitting Your Request:

You will receive an email from the Fitness staff confirming that your request has been received and whether a payment is required. If payment is required, you will receive instructions on how to pay by check or online using PayPal.

Request a Replacement Access Card or Fob

If there are multiple residents/cardholders on this account, please identify in the Comments box which cardholder needs the replacement card.

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Current Date: *
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Completed form will be sent to:
This form will be stored and encrypted and can be retrieved
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