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The clubhouse at Wellington has 2 meeting rooms available for rental by residents.  To reserve a meeting room first look at the calendar below to see if anyone else has already reserved the time/date you want.  Note that there are separate calendars for the multi-purpose room and for the conference room.  Once you have determined that the room is available, fill out the appropriate form from the drop-down "Forms" menu at the top of this page (next to "Residents") and submit.  We will respond when we have processed the form to let you know that your reservation has been approved.  You may then pay for your reservation by dropping off a check.

(1) The multi-purpose room (MPR) has a maximum capacity of 100 and the rental rates are listed below.

(2) The conference room has a maximum capacity of 18 and the rental rates are listed below.

Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) Information:

  1. MPR setup example (2)
  2. Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)
  3. MPR setup example (1)
Not-for-profit    2 hours = $20 (minimum time)     3 hours = $60     4 hours = $200     5 hours = $300
                             each additional hour over 5 hours = $100
For-profit    $30 per hour    each additional hour over 3 hours = $110

MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) Rental Form

  1. MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) Policies
    .pdf file (147.36 KB)
  1. MPR Calendar - 2023
    .pdf file (176.89 KB)

Conference Room Information:

  1. Conference Room (3)
  2. Conference Room
  3. Conference Room 2
Not-for-profit     1 hour = $5     2 hours = $10     3 hours = $20     4 hours = $40
                             each additional hour over 4 hours = $15
For-profit    $15 per hour

Conference Room Rental Form
  1. Conference Room Policies
    .pdf file (141.94 KB)
  1. Conference Room Calendar - 2023
    .pdf file (134.89 KB)

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