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Cooper Quest Screenings start Mar. 1

Published: February 23, 2023

This FREE on-going, custom-designed benefit provides you tools, resources and encouragement to help you achieve the fitness results you desire.

Cooper Quest is based on Dr. Kenneth Cooper's 8 Steps to Get Cooperized™, and at the foundation of the program are five key health areas: cardiovascular fitness testing (based on a 1-mile walk or a 1.5 mile run on a treadmill), functional movement screening, body composition, stress management, and blood work (which you obtain from your doctor or lab).  Wellington residents can sign up for functional, cardiovascular fitness and body composition testing at the WAC with slots open starting on Wednesday, March 1, and running weekdays through Friday, March 24.  Your cardiovascular fitness is assessed by having you walk one mile at your fastest pace on a treadmill.  You are then assigned a score based on your performance, and if you want you can then receive a 12-week walking or jogging Aerobics Point System program designed to improve your endurance.  Body composition testing is done using a handheld bodyfat monitor.  If you participated in previous screenings, sign up again to test your improvement.  This is a free service provided by Cooper Wellness Strategies to Wellington residents as a part of your membership at the Wellington Athletic Club.  Testing will take about 60 minutes.  

To see a brief video by Dr. Tyler Cooper explaining what Cooper Quest is and how it can benefit you go to:

Cooper Quest Video

To sign up for a testing appointment go to:  Sign Up!

To read more about the entire Cooper Quest program go to:  Cooper Quest Program

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