Healthy Habits Challenge

Maintain Don't Gain/Healthy Habits Challenge

This Challenge is open to all Wellington residents including children.  You can download the tracking sheet NOW, and start tracking your progress for this Challenge starting on Thursday, November 23 (Thanksgiving Day y'all!).  To sign up, just email the fitness office at  Then download your tracking sheet below.  You earn a point for each healthy behavior you track, such as eating a healthy breakfast, getting at least 7 hours of sleep, watching less than an hour of television, or weighing yourself.  This year we are emphasizing developing healthy habits rather than maintaining a specific weight.  If you wish you can include weight maintenance and tracking, but it is not required in order to earn a prize.  Also, for some people such as children or pregnant women weight tracking is not advised, but there are plenty of other opportunities to choose from in order to earn points. The first week is about brain health, and we are also including some games you can play and turn in to the fitness office for points. There is also a social wellness checklist to help you think of ways to live healthier.  If you are looking for classes to take, remember that Wellington has free group exercises like HIIT and yoga everyday.  If you need more variety or the times we offer aren't good for you, you can go to Cooper Aerobics On Demand where you will find hundreds of classes to stream.  The link is on our website at Cooper Aerobics on Demand. (If you don't already have the club access code you'll need to email the fitness office to get it.) The Challenge lasts for six weeks, and you need to earn a minimum of 60 points.  You must turn in your tracking sheet by NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2024, in order to receive a prize.  

All finishers will receive a prize for completing the challenge.  

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
MDG/Healthy Habits Challenge - 6-Weeks (Flyer Tracker) .pdf 81.58 KB Download
Week 1 Brain Health .pdf 149.88 KB Download
Social Wellness Checklist -- for Week 1 .pdf 791.49 KB Download
Week 2 Staying Active .pdf 179.96 KB Download
Week 3 Mindfulness and Moderation .pdf 173.73 KB Download
Week 4 Healthy Holiday Foods .pdf 121.12 KB Download
Week 5 Stress Management .pdf 122.48 KB Download
Week 6 Setting Goals and Preparing for the New Year .pdf 129.75 KB Download

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