Wellington Heart & Sole Pedometer Challenge

Thanks to all the Wellington residents who participated in the 2022 Heart & Sole pedometer challenge.  Wellington residents did an amazing job this year, logging a total of 19,182,451 steps (approximately 8,247 miles)!  A total of 44 participants completed this year’s program, and 59 people enrolled, which translates to a 75% adherence rate.  That’s excellent adherence; the only time we beat that was in 2020 and that was kind of an oddball year because of the pandemic. To break it down between the adults and the kids, we had 57 adult participants and 42 adult finishers. This year 2 kids signed up, and both kids finished and turned in scorecards.  That’s a 100% adherence rate for the kids!  To see how this year’s results compare to past years click the Results link below or click here. We have Wellington data for every year going back to 2009 when we first started the pedometer challenge.

This year’s grand prize winner, drawn at random from the list of all adult finishers, is Cindy Smith.  Cindy will receive a gift certificate to Academy Sports for her efforts.  All finishers can stop by the fitness office to pick up your prizes, which for this year are a pair of reflective wrist or ankle bands to keep you safe when you walk at night along with a sweat-absorbent gym towel. We also have a limited amount of Cooper Clinic t-shirts in sizes small or extra large (no medium or large, sorry!), so we’ll be making these available to you as long as we have them, first come, first serve. 

Our top stepper for 2022 is Tammy Gendron, who finished with a staggering 837,903 steps, or 360.23 miles.  Michael Laumann came in second with 766,464 steps (329.52 miles).  The third-place finisher was Melissa Bravo, who logged 736,943 steps (316.83 miles). In the Kids’ division the top finisher was Noah Han, who ended with 311,699 steps (134.01 miles).  Congratulations to all who participated!

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