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Cooper Quest

Provided to Wellington members by Cooper Aerobics and Cooper Wellness Strategies — the CooperQuest wellness program. This on-going, custom-designed benefit provides you tools, resources and encouragement to help you achieve the fitness results you desire.

We have a new free program designed to help improve your endurance and achieve a higher level of fitness.  The Aerobics Point System, developed by Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H., is based on the type of exercise, duration, and level of exertion. When you sign up you are first tested by walking one mile at your fastest pace on a treadmill. You are assigned a score based on your performance, and you will receive a 12-week walking or jogging Aerobics Point System program designed to improve your endurance.  After 12 weeks you can schedule another test to measure your progress.  Appointment slots will be open from Thursday, Aug. 19, through Wednesday, Sept. 1. Testing will take about 30 minutes and consists of a 1 mile walk on a treadmill.  If you are a runner and can already consistently maintain a pace of 9 minutes per mile or less, then you have the option of running 1.5 miles instead.  At the completion of the assessment you’ll received a personalized exercise plan and coaching to improve your fitness level. 


To sign up visit: Sign Up!.  If you are interested but can't find a timeslot that works for you, call us at 972-874-8329 and we'll find a time that does.


Cooper Quest is based on Dr. Kenneth Cooper's 8 Steps to Get Cooperized™, and at the foundation of the program are five key health areas:


Regular cholesterol and glucose testing is a simple, yet reliable, way to monitor your risk for heart disease and diabetes. Opt to use existing blood work from your doctor—including total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and blood glucose. Complete the Blood Work Form provided by the Fitness Center to submit blood work results that you have completed within the past year.


An unhealthy body composition increases the risk of chronic health conditions. Get a complete picture of your body composition by measuring your body mass index and body fat percentage. You can get this done during the Functional Testing appointment or stop by the fitness office—it’s quick and easy to measure.


Being fit, as proven by The Cooper Institute, decreases the risk of dying from all causes by 58 percent and adds up to six years to an individual’s life. Complete a walk or run test to determine your cardiovascular fitness level. We can also check blood pressure and bodyfat percentage.  You may also go through the Functional Movement Screening if desired.  The screening is one of the perks offered at Wellington; there is no charge. 


The better mobility and stability you have, the more you can improve your exercise efficiency, durability and performance. The 20-minute Functional Movement Screen evaluates your movement patterns, identifying weaknesses and imbalance.  We will be doing another round of functional fitness testing sometime later in 2021.


Well-Being includes the presence of positive emotions and moods, the absence of negative emotions, satisfaction with life, fulfillment and positive functioning. Your lifestyle habits can affect your well-being positively and negatively. There are many aspects of Well-Being including:

Physical Well-Being is recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods, and sleep.

Emotional Well-Being is coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships. 

Social Well-Being is the extent to which one feels a sense of belonging and social inclusion.


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