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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reserve the Multi-Purpose party room? First, check the MPR calendar for room availability by selecting menu item Amenities/MPR Calendar. Select the Multi-Purpose Room Calendar and review it for open dates and times. After deciding on a date and time, next submit a Multi-Purpose Room and Conf Room Reservation form found under menu item eForms. The reservation request form contains the room policies and rental rates. After submitting your request you will receive an email response once the request has been processed.


When do I need to submit an ACC (Architectural Control Committee) modification request form? You must submit a request form for all exterior modifications. Some examples that require an ACC form are replacing your fence, painting your house (even if the same color), adding a pool and/or patio, adding an addition to your home, installing a shed, installing new landscape beds and/or borders. If you are in doubt, please email the office at


How do I submit an ACC (Architectural Control Committee) modification request form? You may submit a request form from the website. Under menu item eForms select ACC - Architectural Control Modification Request and complete the form. You may attach one document to the request form. If you need to provide additional material please email it to the office at or drop it in the lockbox located outside the clubhouse front door. You will be contacted if additional information is required for the review committee. The review committee has up to 31 days to review your request but average review time is usually much less. Once the review committee has processed your request you will be sent a letter approving or denying your request. Most requests are approved. For additional guidelines and information on the ACC process please select menu item ACC Guidelines.


How do I reserve a tennis court? The tennis court reservation logbook is online.  You may reserve a court up to twice per week (defined as Sunday through Saturday) for a maximum of 2 hours per reservation by first logging in, then clicking on the Tennis Court Reservations menu item that you will see on the left side of your screen (once you are logged in). 


What are the hours that I can use the gym?  The Fitness Center hours are from 5 am until 11 pm every day including Sundays and holidays.  Starting at 5 am you can use your access card to get into the clubhouse.  At 11 pm the doors to the clubhouse lock and the access cards stop working.  Users are expected to leave the clubhouse at 11 pm.  If you are still inside the clubhouse after 11 pm you can still leave but the alarms will set shortly after 11 pm, and if you set off an alarm then the police will come, and you will be responsible for reimbursing the HOA for security alarm charges. 

What classes are offered at the clubhouse and how do I register?  Are the classes free?  The Fitness Center offers free group exercise classes that do not require registration. The current month’s calendar of classes is available at the clubhouse and on the website under menu item Fitness Events.   We also offer a free 6 week boot camp several times throughout the year.  You must register ahead of time for the boot camp.  To be notified when registration opens please log in, go to your User Profile, click on the Subscriptions tab, and put a check in the box for "AM Boot Camp."   Also, check your User Profile to make sure you have the correct email address listed for notifications.


What can I do about my neighbor’s loose or barking dog? Pet and animal concerns should be addressed to the Town Animal Services Department (972-874-6390) during normal business hours or the Town Police Department’s non-emergency number (972-539-0525) after hours.


Who should I contact about a street light being out? If you live east of Bruton Orand Boulevard or Simmons Road you should contact CoServ at 940-321-7800 to report a street light out. If you live west of Bruton Orand Boulevard or Simmons Road you should contact TXU at 1-888-313-6862 to report a street light out. The electric company will need information on the light’s location.


Who should I contact about a vehicle parked in the street? Vehicles may be parked in the street but must have current tags and be parked in accordance with state/town parking regulations. If you would like to report an inoperable vehicle please contact the Town Police Department at 972-539-0525.


I received a code violation notice from the HOA and don’t know if I should respond? If you resolve the violation within the timeframe specified in the notice you do not need to respond. If you need additional time or would like to discuss the issue, please email the code enforcement staff member at 

When is trash collection? Trash and recyclables are collected every Wednesday for all homes south of Flower Mound Road or west of Bruton Orand/Simmons Road and are collected every Friday for homes located northeast of Flower Mound Road and Bruton Orand. Bulk items are collected weekly. For questions regarding trash collection please contact the Town of Flower Mound customer service number 972-874-6000. 

How do I get an access card or the gate code?
New residents should schedule an orientation with the Fitness Director 972-874-8329. Replacement cards may be purchased thru the Fitness Director’s office as well. Every year the new gate code is included in the annual meeting notice, on the March assessment statement and posted on the website once you log in.

What if I have lost my access card? Report the loss of your access card immediately to the Fitness Director 972-874-8329. Failure to notify the HOA may leave you responsible for access into the clubhouse by an unauthorized individual. Replacement cards may be purchased from the Fitness Office for $25 with a check payable to Wellington of Flower Mound.  

Who should I contact if I have a question about my dues?
Statement and collection questions should be directed to Guardian Association Management 972-458-2200 email:


Who should I contact if I have a resale or refinance request? Requests should be directed to Guardian Association Management 972-458-2200 email:

I am selling my home, can I have a preliminary inspection performed by the HOA to determine if there are any non-compliance issues? Yes - the HOA offers you the ability to order a pre-resale inspection report. The report will identify any current exterior issues with your lot.

I am selling, buying or refinancing a home in Wellington, who should I contact about closing or refinancing fees? Contact your title company or Guardian Association Management 972-458-2200.

Who should I contact to get information about the Sharks Swim Team? The Sharks Swim Team is an organization independent of the association. Please visit their website.


How much are dues and what does it pay for? Effective March 1, 2018 dues are $820 a year. Dues are paid semi-annually on March 1 and September 1, the semi-annual amounts are $410 each pay period.

Mail payments to:      Wellington of Flower Mound

                                  c/o Guardian Association Management

                                  P.O. Box 93784

                                  Las Vegas, Nevada, 89193-3784

Dues are used to maintain and enhance the many amenities available to the Wellington homeowner: clubhouse and fitness center, pools, playgrounds, courts, hiking trails, landscaping, etc. 

Set Up Automatic Payments: visit and click on Pay Online. Follow the instructions and the following information will be needed to complete the form.
Management Company ID#: 6919
Association ID#: 490
Association Name: Wellington of Flower Mound
Management Company: Guardian Asso Mgmt
Account#: Homeowner account #, found on statement



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