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Multi-Purpose Room Reservation Form
MPR calendar available on the website under menu item Amenities/MPR Calendar (updated weekly)

Email Address:*
The room will be available to you at START TIME and you must be cleaned up and out by END TIME. The MPR closes at 10:00 PM - no exceptions.
Start Time:*
End Time (MPR closes at 10:00 PM):*
Will use the pool? Note - no lifeguards provided, SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK:
Catered event?:
Caterer Name:
Caterer Phone Number:
Not For Profit Rates: 1 hr rental = $5, 2 hr rental = $20, 3 hr rental = $60
4 hour rental = $200, 5 hour rental = $300, each additional hour over 5 hrs = $100

Not for Profit Purpose:
If Other please explain:
For Profit Rate (business use) = $30 per hour, each additional hour over 3hrs = $110
For Profit Purpose:
If Other please explain:
Make all checks payable to Wellington of Flower Mound. Cash and third party checks not accepted. Payment must be received within 5 days from submission of request or the reservation will automatically be cancelled. Cancellations received 14 full days prior to the scheduled event will receive a full refund (excludes recurring events).
Check Amount: __________ Check #: __________ (for office use)
Acknowledgement that you have read and accept the policies listed below for use of the room:*
Multi-Purpose Room Policies
1.     The room may not be used without a completed reservation, including acknowledgement of the policies, and approval by the Association staff.
2.     Bounce houses are not permitted on HOA property or inside the clubhouse multipurpose room.
3.     Alcohol is not permitted on HOA property or inside the clubhouse multi-purpose room.
4.     Doors to the facility may not be propped open. Applicant must assign someone to monitor access.
5.     Applicant may not arrive early or overstay their reserved time. One event may not be split into two separate reservations to reduce fees.
6.     The MPR and pool close at 10:00 pm and everyone must leave the facilities by that time.
7.     Applicant must be present at the event 100% of the time and cannot reserve the room for a non-Wellington individual.
8.     Applicant must clean the room after their event, including but not limited to, vacuuming (vacuum not provided); returning tables/chairs to the designated areas; trash removal (dumpster located in parking lot); etc.
9.     Access to the Fitness Center, entrance foyer, or locker rooms may not be restricted. The entrance foyer, conference room and Fitness Center are not part of the reservation and all activities must be kept in the MPR.
10.     Cash and credit cards are not accepted. Check payment must be from the residents account or a cashier check. No third party checks accepted. Payment must be received within 5 days of a reservation form or the reservation will automatically be cancelled. Receipt of check payment is acknowledgement and acceptance of the policies. Cancellations received 14 days prior to the scheduled event will receive a full refund (excludes recurring events).
11.     Recurring events in the MPR may only be booked for a 6 month period and are limited to 12 separate dates. Recurring events may NOT reserve the MPR: Fri 5:00 pm to Sun 10:00 pm.
12.     Maximum occupancy of the room is 100, with a maximum of 50 guests under the age of 18. There must be one adult chaperone in the room for every 10 guests under 18 years of age.
13.     Reservations can only be made by the hour (no half hour reservations allowed).
14.     For reservations using the pool, only 20 guests may be at the pool at any given time. There must be one adult chaperone in the pool area for every 3 guests under 18 years of age in the pool. Swim at your own risk, lifeguards are not provided.
15.     Caterers must retrieve all supplies, materials and unused food/drink by the end of the event.
16.     Wellington Home Owner Association events and meetings take precedence over private events and as a result there is a minimal risk your reservation may be cancelled.
17.     See the fine schedule below for additional charges that may be incurred:

Doors propped open during event     $25
Balloons left in the ceiling     $25
Setting up early and/or staying after reservation time     $25 for the first 15 minutes and $50 for each following 15 minutes
Failure to clean properly after the event (trash removal, leftover items, tables/chairs not stacked, vacuuming, etc.)     Starts at $25
Lingering odors after the event     $100
Floor stained after the event     Starts at $250
Other items     Charge to be determined

Private facilities for the exclusive use of Wellington residents and their guests. Guests must be in the presence of the resident when using the facility. Gate codes may not be distributed to non-Wellington residents. Failure to comply with all HOA policies may result in fines/charges and/or suspension of privileges. Residents are financially responsible for any fines, charges, or damages resulting from their or their guests use of the facility. The HOA is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, or unsecured items.


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